(F.37v) General English Intermediate/Inglês Geral Nível Intermédio
Margarida Martins
5 semanas (3/7 a 31/7).

Aulas de 90 minutos. Quartas-feiras – 17.00 – 18.30

Propina: 85,00 €



day 1 – 3/7

Bloco 1 – Introductions; ice-breakers and random conversation topics.
Bloco 2 – Family and hometown, habits and routines.

day 2 – 10/7

Bloco 3 – Hobbies and free time activities, the weekend.
Bloco 4 – Describing people; discussing interesting people.

day 3 – 17/7

Bloco 5 – Art and culture (music, literature, cinema and visual arts).
Bloco 6 – Food; regional dishes, going shopping and eating out.

day 4 – 24/7

Bloco 7 – The city; the house and asking for directions.
Bloco 8 – The weather; seasons, seasonal sports and activities.
Bloco 9 – Travelling; experiences abroad, road trips.
Bloco 10 – Friendship; characteristics of and gender differences.



1. Immersion in and assimilation of linguistic forms through the practice of different skills.
2. Strong focus on speaking and listening as the keys to language learning (in the classroom, participation in forum discussions or chat in virtual classrooms).
3. Regular practice of the four skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing exercises for each topic.
4. Understanding and controlled practice of grammatical structures in context (question forms for meeting new people, adjectives for descriptions, present simple for describing habits, etc).
5. Using a foreign language to talk about yourself and your surroundings.
6. Acquisition of descriptive skills to talk about people, places and events.
7. Moving away from abstract concepts (pure grammar and icons of the English speaking world) in language learning and focusing on the familiar.
8. Acquisition of writing skills by regular practice of short texts (dialogues, menus, emails, descriptions of people and places) and gradually moving into longer compositions (expressing ideas, tastes, descriptions of events and experiences).
9. Formal and informal language in speaking and writing.
10. Expressing opinions on different topics through discussion and debate.
11. Task based skill practice to reproduce real-life situations and the language used (ordering at a restaurant, speaking on the phone, asking for directions).
12. Use of different kinds of audio and audiovisuals for listening practice (songs, dialogues, interviews,films)
General English Intermediate/Inglês Geral Nível Intermédio

O curso de Inglês Geral Nível Intermédio é desenhado para utilizadores da língua que já tenham algumas bases em todas as competências. O curso é composto por dez módulos onde são abordados temas comuns de interesse pessoal e geral. O objetivo é partir do conhecido (a família, hobbies, a casa, etc) de forma a desenvolver a expressão oral e escrita. Em cada módulo haverá espaço para aprender e treinar vocabulário, oralidade e gramática aplicada a cada tema.

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